If you are not yet using Git as your CVS of choice it's time to make the jump!

I've a git repository with custom configurations and little manuals to share with collegues. Among those manuals there is a quick git introduction and configuration parameters list.

The project is called scrolls, sort of a bucket where I keep information I've to look for on the Internet from time to time, when I get a new computer ... you know memory is not so good at the end

Appart from that project normally the code presented on this blog will end up being uploaded to my Github account except for the code that already belong to a repository

A list of different ongoing projects

  • vagrantMultiHost Vagrant multiple host configuration with YAML
  • zf-maintenance Zend Framework 2 maintenance module
  • slim-booboo-middleware BooBoo error handler middleware for Slim Framework
  • slim-session-middlewar Session handler middleware for Slim Framework
  • slim-doctrine-middleware Doctrine manager middleware for Slim Framework
  • slim-controller Controller template for Slim Framework

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