Lately I've been bothered by the warning displayed by Composer when you have xdebug enabled on your system to which I didn't pay attention before, being honest it is not really that bad but as long as I have aliases to shorten many things: commands, paths, git prompts, etc, I don't want this warning displayed every time I run any Composer command.


Having a look at Composer documentation on CLI command at the very end there it is an environment variable that controls the display of this warning COMPOSER_DISABLE_XDEBUG_WARN, so as simple as setting the variable and be gone.



But I don't want another export in my .bashrc, and given I've an alias to run Composer ...


alias composer="COMPOSER_DISABLE_XDEBUG_WARN=1 php ~/.composer/composer.phar "

Absurd I didn't do it before, now I can have those lines to display really "important" information ;)

Actually there are many interesting environment variables to control Composer behavior I haven't had a look before and deserve some attention.